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Children’s Ministry

Our goal in children’s ministry is to show your child the goodness of the Lord. We desire that as the children connect to each other and our teachers they will have tasted of the goodness of the Lord and desire to see more of who He is. Truly it is His kindness that leads us to repentance.

We have developed our ministry in a way to help you as parents participate in the growth of your child’s spiritual walk. You are their first examples and we want to help you show them how to walk in this world.

The curriculum that we use has take home sheets that have questions to help you and your child connect. As you work with your children on these take home sheets we hope that it will open doors of communication for you about spiritual things.

Sunday Set up & Curriculum:

We provide a nursery for 0-2 year olds. We also have a variety of classes that use curriculum that is designed to challenge and excite the students about God.

  • 3-4 year olds have their own classroom where they go through the Bible in three years using the curriculum provided by the Resource Well. You can see examples of these lessons online by clicking here.
  • K-1st grade has their own classroom where they are going through the Bible using the curriculum provided by the Resource Well too. The transition to this class from the 3-4 year old class is based on your decision. The lessons used here are more advanced and help these students to dig a little deeper than in the previous class. This also provides for a smooth transition at whatever point that is needed.
  • 2nd-5th Grade classes use the Children Desiring God Curriculum. These lessons are more advanced and vary by year, but examples are as follows:
    • 2nd-3rd Grade studies:
      • Faithful to His Promises
      • In The Beginning Jesus
      • To Be Like Jesus
    • 4th-5th Grade studies:
      • How Majestic Is Your Name
      • My Purposes Will Stand

Every year on the last Sunday of June our students graduate to the next class level and at that time we begin our new studies.

Wednesday Set up & Curriculum:

All students are in the same class on Wednesday nights. We use the smaller class size on Wednesdays as an opportunity to train our older students in how to serve. The students are separated into teams and the older students are given more responsibilities, while being supervised by the lead teacher and assistants.

We study the Resource Well curriculum together and have more interactive activities on Wednesdays. There is no nursery provided on Wednesdays, however if you find that you need a nursery on Wednesday Night, you can contact Aimee Wiley and we will make accommodations for you.

Child Safety

The security and safety of your children is a top priority to us, therefore we use a security program called KidCheck. This program provides the necessary allergy and contact information for us and a secure pick up process for you. KidCheck provides a nametag for your child and a guardian receipt for you, with corresponding numbers and pictures to help us keep your child secure. 5th graders can be given charge of themselves at your discretion. You may sign up before visiting at www.kidcheck.com in order to make the check in process smoother.

All volunteers in our Children’s Ministry are fully screened with a complete national background check. They have all completed Children’s Ministry training and are regularly observed by staff. We also have several team leaders who are trained for emergency procedures, plus all of our teachers participate in our Emergency Evacuation plan.


We are so grateful for our volunteers and are thrilled when anyone has a desire to serve in this ministry.

Each Sunday School class has a classroom Teacher and an Assistant who serve every other week. Opportunities also exist to serve in our Wednesday night program and in the Nursery on Sundays and Wednesdays. Volunteers are provided with all necessary training, curriculum, and supplies.

The qualifications for volunteering in Children’s Ministry are:

  • Be a “born-again” believer in Jesus
  • Have a willing heart and desire to serve Jesus
  • Authorize and pass a full background check
  • Complete Children’s Ministry training for the area you’d like to serve

Who Do I Contact?

Contact Susan DiGraitis if you are interested in serving or need additional information regarding the Children’s Ministry:

Email: susan@ccgwinnett.org

Phone: (770) 932-5531